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Designer & strategist for PR coursework



- social media audit

- social media strategy

- infographic


Orlando Ballet is a world-class dance company and school close to Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. My professor in my New Media and Public Relations class was hired by Orlando Ballet to help them come up with a new marketing strategy, attract new audiences, and update some of their owned channels and content.

Through a series of audits, I researched best practices and competition to decide how I would improve their current channels and content. After audits were complete, I produced a new and improved version of the deliverable using my findings. 

One of the biggest hurdles I discovered with this project was stereotypes and attitudes toward ballet in general. I had to incorporate tough questions into the execution of each project:


How could we break down stereotypes about ballet?

How could we get people to come and come back again?


Orlando Ballet wanted an infographic that could appeal to a wider audience and their current audience. To do this, I created an infographic showing the process of costume design so that ballet lovers as well as young women with an interest in the fashion industry could appeal to this. I decided to use handwritten elements and a paper texture to give the infographic a "design sketch" feel.


This was the first infographic I produced, using a hand-drawn ballerina and hand-drawn headings. Their brand colors are red, black, and white, so I used red in places that were of importance (red attracts the eye more than any other color).


This was the final piece I made for Orlando Ballet. I made room for more negative space, made a clearer title, made the process easier to follow, and refined the call-to-action at the end.



To begin, I looked at Orlando Ballet’s (and a competitor, American Ballet Theater) Facebook page in depth. These content analyses looked at engagement, the structure of the post, content, voice/story, and aesthetics for 50 total posts, or 25 for each organization. Based on my findings and best practices, I explained how OB could improve their Facebook content.


To visualize these changes, I created 5 ongoing content ideas and templates for them to use. With the strategy clearly outlined, plenty of links for inspiration, and other series ideas, I could set them up for success on their own.

If you feel inclined, you can check out how I conduct my content analyses below! These were used to inform my audit and create new social media post strategies.

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