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Our homes tell a lot of their own stories. If you’re moving, a custom home illustration is the perfect way to bring these stories and moments with you! They also make great personal client gifts if you’re a Real Estate agent.


The price covers labor and up to 3 revisions. You’ll receive a digital image file (a .jpeg file) and a PDF version for larger printing projects.

Custom Home Portrait

  • 1.     E-MAIL EXCHANGE

    Once you check out, I'll email you or text you based on your contact preferences. I’ll confirm all of your information you gave and I’ll ask you to send me the photo(s) you’d like to use. You can include any additional comments or requests you have, such as: wording, background colors, removing/adding things from the image. Once we get these things squared away, I’ll start creating. 


    2.     I DO MY MAGIC

    You can check how close your order is to being completed on my “Commissions list” tab! The timing depends on how long the list is, and I appreciate your patience! Usually, we can have your project done within 5 days.


    3.      I SEND YOU A DRAFT

    Once I finish the design, I’ll send you a draft to look at and we can talk about any changes you’d like to have (if you have any). You HAVE to love it, so the cost includes up to 3 revisions. We will make sure it’s perfect before I send you the final version!



    You’ll receive your digital image files in your inbox once it’s done! I can also send you a list of places that will print it for you on a wide selection of applications if you're interested. If you have any further questions, I’ll be happy to answer those for you!

  • I create everything in Adobe Photoshop, so you can be confident you’re getting the highest quality! You'll receive:


    -1 high-resolution 300 dpi JPG for uploading online and simple print projects


    -1 PDF at 600 dpi that can be printed on items even as big as blankets and curtains.


    *dpi stands for Dots Per Inch, so the higher the number of dots, the higher the quality

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